Mad love to Le Chinios, slowly becoming our 2nd home. We continuously continue to grow not only the culture but relationships amongst ourselves through music, specifically Amapiano. We partied hard again on the 25th of March 2023 and to our surprise the numbers keep growing making us believe we should begin hosting events in much larger venues. As it has become a norm, our 8th Amapiano Experience in Paris was a success.

This evenings line-up included Kater, a good friend of the Amapiano France. As per usual he brought the energy, music and the vibes. Our guests never disappoint and State Off maintained that high level of delivering the vibes through the decks. 

A surprise guest who stole many of our hearts with his tune selection Dj Haylow stepped up and delivered too. Although he was not on the line up he defiantly delivered, displaying a strong understanding of the Amapiano sound by his wide range choice of song selection and mixing.

Amapiano in France, specifically in Paris continues to grow and we enjoy and love seeing many more people indulge themselves in the culture and music.

Without forgetting Alois & Siba, it goes without saying and just like everyone has come to know that they always deliver. It has become standard practice that serving the vibes on the night goes without saying where Siba or Alois is involved behind the decks.

We head on down to Toulous next...

Look out for more events outside the Region.