Back again at one of the most amazing Venues in Paris, Badaboum. Badaboum the heart of the electro music world in Paris, this event was had the captivating sounds of Amapiano, a genre that has gained momentum in the global music space. 

 As the PIANO PIANO blasted through the speakers, amapinao lovers were taken on a musical journey, putting themselves in the energy of the music by dancing to every beat of the songs that where dropped on the evening. 

At a point Buruntuma blend of african sounds and elements with african vibrant melodies alongside Amapiano and showcased his versatility and creativity behind the DJ booth. 

Not our first experience with Nicki Summers and as per usual she showed up and represented Amapaino to its core. 

Nicki, Buruntuma, Miles Freedom and Destys were a testament to the power of what amapiano has become in bringing people together and creating unforgettable moments and memories. This event was as a reminder of the possibilities that come when different DJ's with thier different styles come together and spark new musical experiences for our family of amapiano lovers to enjoy.