We tore down FVTVR. The venue, the event, the atmosphere was all amazing. From the secound you arrive you felt the buzz of what the night will bring. Majority of the crowd came to see the amazing duo, Major League Dj'z but thanks to the supporting acts the whole night was brilliant and party goers were kept dancing all night long. Amapiano France including the staff at FVTVR managed the event pretty well for a smooth and memoroble experience for everyone involved.

 A successful event it was, Amapiano France has totally integrated itself in the Parisian music scene. We have come to understand that Amapiano France's audience varies, from tourists to natives to some coming from neighbouring countries each time to experience the vibe. 

FVTVR has the dj cabin in the centre of the dance floor, creating a feeling of proximity and connection with the crowd. The guest dj's were Clumsy B, Watsmyname and not forgetting to mention once again the amazing duo Major League Dj's. The South African duo now becoming a regular in Paris, have always characterized thier sound (a hypnotic sound) based on which country they play in, with deep hard hitting bass as the principal tool. 

The event's format was the usual working formular, Warm-up by Clumsy B, Tribal Evans and Alois, all Dj's were in charge of building up the vibe, followed by the headlining guests Major League and straight after that Watsmyname continued the vibe dropping bangers to carry the night and to finish the night over we had a special b2b between Tribal Evans and Alois. This formula in recent events has come to work pretty well, although we will be changing things up come he next event.

A perfect night from beginning to end thanks to the big quality of of Dj's Amapiano France has often managed to produce. 

In the next few weeks, we promose to bring you another amazing night filled with memories and moments to remeber… 

Don't miss it