Can someone say "Ba - Da - BOOM BOOM BOOM" because nothing but explosives went off at Badaboum on friday night. Like regular church service on a Sunday we showed up in numbers and praised, sang and danced the night/ morning away with Amapiano France at Badaboum featuring a star studded line up, namely; Lola Ondi Kwa, Tribal Evans, Charisse, Citizen Deep and Alois.

We all have our favorite songs but what makes a dj set memorable? A dj set that can connect you with the music and dance floor? Its simple, its the mood and vibe the dj brings from behind the decks.

Telling a story with music to bring back a memory or to create one is a skill our djs for the night possesed. From Lola Ondi Kwa with 90's kwaito to Citizen Deep with Afro & 3 Step Tech. Charisse skillfully mergerd Amapiano with the modern sound of Afro House/ Tech bringing the house down by creating new moments and mermories for the crowd whilst also taking them back by playing some classics. 

We at Amapiano France would also like to extend gratitute and send a big shout out to one of our own, whose made great strides and progress on his journey of becoming one of the best behind the decks and thats none other than Tribal Evans.

He owned his moment behind the decks and gave the crowed electronic Amapiano sounds that set the place on fire. We defintely look forward to hearing more from him and what he has in store for us all.

Stay tunned.

Amapiano France events are just not easy to describe as they are one of the most unique and memorable events each time their hosted. Attending an event is the only way one can really experience and understand what it is all about. 

We highly encourage you on not missing out on the next one.