What a way to start the year for Amapiano France, Super with Major League Djs. A mini fest, which featured instantly legendary sets from Alois, Siba and Major League Djs, along with the amazing Andy on the dance floor. It was a vibe and Amapiano was represented to the fullest and very well.

At this point, Amapiano France events have reached massive status. This year's first edition was blessed with an electric jolt at its core. On Friday night, the line-up executed one of the most precise, demanding, and altogether staggering performances by any Dj and Performer on a stage in recent events. The headlining set by the Twins at Trabendo, served to clarify the intent and impact of how the superstars have grown and have submerged themselves in the industry.

The Twins used their crowd controlling skills to electrify the room. Throughout their set, they were joined by dancers, musicians, fans and djs who had come on stage. Sometimes the fans in the crowed gelled onto the stage briefly to dance and show love to the Twins. The opening set by Alois blended sounds from Virgro Deep and Kelvin Momo setting the version and mood for the night followed by Siba who merged sounds from Musa Keys with Sgija from Jazziq. Nearly all of the songs were played in full, but even the brief glimpses into other old songs played short by ML felt like compelling history lessons of Amapiano. Every part of the sets by Alois & Siba were necessary pieces of a larger whole, revealing how the act of Major League is at the very center of their performance.

The crowed came in numbers and represented the culture. People came from all over the country and as well as Europe to enjoy a full night of Amapiano Sounds even though the night might have been cut short we managed to give everyone who came by an amazing night they will not forget. It was a Vibe.

At Trabendo, Andy's uncanny sense of cohesion went beyond dance too. Her energy spanned from the calm to electrifying. One of the most impressive parts about Friday's performance was Banele's ability to make the crowed follow his lead. He had everyone use their flashlights to light up the room and set the electric energy to above normal.

A great way to start the year and we at Amapiano France can assure you that we will keep bringing the vibes and we shall continue pushing the culture beyond ours and your imagination;