A big shout out and thank you to 211 for hosting us on the 3rd of September 2022. As per usual the family turned out and turned up. Our evenings are never short of anything but amazing. Arriving at the venue, many did not mind the security checks, they didn't mind as they knew that we were in for a brilliant time. When poeple got in, they tried to get as close to the booth as possible. The lights dimed and Alois along side Pavel Kazinets set the tone for the evening.

The energy was surrel as always from start to finish. Siba had the crowd jumping up and down, as they sang along to the hits he dished out. The Family loved every song, while Andy kept the energy buzzing through the roof with her dancing and hyping up the crowd and it showed she is a true performer. The atmosphere at 211 was fantastic, and the sound quality added to the whole experience.

Everyone who attended admits this one was just as best as the last one. Donn came on and connected and engaged with the crowd throughout his entire set. He smashed it, if you get the chance to ever go see Donn play you will be blown away by his incredible DJ'ing presence.

Amapiano is a genre we all love and enjoy listening too. There isn't a event that goes by without us going all out. Our first ever event was around the same time last year, and we remember it as clear as this 6th experience.

Amapiano France is in the midst of standing out in Paris and we have thus far played/ and hosted at some of the coolest venues and spots in the city. 

There was a celebratory mood at 211 when Alois, Donn and Siba where on the decks. None of our attendees are viewed as fans but rather as Family,