All that Piano? All Day? 10 hours to be specefic? Yes, we had our first Day Amapiano Event at Virage and it was amazing. If you've ever contemplated a trip to Virage and you love Music, visiting the place is perfect for music lovers. It was our first time outside, outside and let's just say we had fun.

 If you missed out on the incredible 10 hours of Music from the likes of Heylow, Katz, Ami and Ata... let me tell you, you really missed out. This was one of the most engaging, easy chill, and fun day leading into the evening events we've had. The weather had looked like it was going to dissapoint but from the moment people began arriving, the energy and excitement in the air was outstanding.

Dre Tala, Karyendasoul, Via Ser, Tribal Evans and Alois truly outdid themselves in putting together such a jam-packed heavy hittting and memorable sets. All the DJs from the day straight into the night were absolutely captivating, The interactive MC for the day/ night were hands-on and had the crowd moving, dancing and gave the attendees the chance to dive right in and forget about being judged for dancing by others.

We continue to try bring you the best in Amapiano parties in France and we remain grateful for the continued trust everyone has for us.

Merci, we do it again soon.