"PIANOOOO PIANOOOOOOOOOO", "PIANO PIANO" still ringing in our heads days later after a jaw dropping, star studded event courtesy of Amapiano France and Dawa at La Machine du Moulin Rouge. Amapiano France might sound like a collective solely dedicated to Amapiano but our recent event at the famous La Machine dismisses this theory. Whether you were downstairs in the Chaufferie or upstairs the dance floors vibrated to the sounds of Qgom, Afro Tech/ Afro House, Afro Beats and not forgetting Amapiano. 

The biggest amapiano events of the year thus far. Even those who aren't Amapiano fans find themselves attending our parties for the expereince and leave as amapiano fans or at the very least leave having had enjoyed the night. The biggest event had to feature big names, namely Jael, Rosey Gold and StateOFF to name a few. StateOFF and Rosey Gold being return soldiers and knowing what to expect, it was Jael, Shiiva, Arthi, Sharabia, Babati and the Dawa Collectives first experience with Amapiano France and the experience has been one to remember for all.

From 00:00am - 06:00am the Dj's took to the stage, with effective song selections. The performances didn't need many props and the lack of gimmicks made it feel more intimate for the crowd and dj's. Playing some Amapiano classics, mixed in with some of the new 3-Step tracks and Qgom the Dj's were a good combination that ignited the evening at La Machine.

This event had an electric and vibrant atmosphere right from the outset and because of this, the crowd made the evening ten times better. The song selections were a great as the melodic Afro House & soothing instruments went well with Amapiano and Qgoms basslines and hard hitting drops. Even though all the djs were good we overhead some 'safe' tracks that were repeated, but It was still a solid event. 

We don't think anyone was left disappointed as everyone sang thier favorite songs over and over again everytime they got played and as much as some songs were repeated the djs also treated us new singles/ songs we've never heard before.

A good introduction/ start to the year for Amapiano France and Dawa as collectives and its safe to say that after such a successful evening both collectives can flaunt and flex thier blessings, but always remembering to remain humble and grateful.

Stay tunned.